Here’s What The Hogwarts Houses Would be if They Were Founded by Cats

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We have already seen how cats want to change the human world and rule it their own way. But just imagine what would happen to the world of magic if cats come to know about it. They would definitely like to change it in their own way. The feline creatures named the Hogwarts houses according to their liking and it has turned out to be pretty hilarious. Well, we have to appreciate the sense of humour these fur balls are possessed with and there is no doubt that they are putting it to the best use possible. Would like to see how these feline ones have given the Hogwarts Houses their own colour. It’s pretty commendable!

#1 Kittendor

It’s all about the daring and brave cats. These cats will face anything that comes in their way with courage be it vets or dogs.

#2 Hufflescruff

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Hardworking and loyal cats are welcome here. These cats will never let you get lonely.

#3 Ravenpaw

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This house is only for the ones that are smart and clever. These feline creatures are an expert at solving mysteries.

#4 Litterin

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This house is open for cats that are extremely smart and resourceful. Keep the cat treats in safe or they won’t last for long.

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