He May Look Like A Normal Cat Until You See His £50,000 Hind Legs – Miracle Cat

Oscar The Cat Feature

Oscar, the kitty, had a brutal accident due to which he lost his hind legs. The poor feline was caught in a combine harvester due to which he suffered severe injuries. However, the kitty showed courage and made it to the vet. The kitty never thought that life could change in an instant. He was just casually strolling around in his house in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The vets were unsure if they would actually be able to do anything about the kitty’s situation.

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They immediately called Noel Fitzpatrick to help. The doctor decided to conduct a special surgery with the family’s consent to save the kitty.

It was really painful for the kitty and involved the fusion of metal and bone.

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The kitty survived it all and was feeling absolutely fine when he got up after the surgery.

Oscar The Cat 3

After the process of rehabilitation, the kitty was back to being normal again. There was nothing unusual about the kitty’s behaviour.

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The kitty’s surgery could have cost the family around $50,000. But fortunately, the doctor covered the fees. The family was extremely relived to hear that.

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Oscar and his family were really grateful to the doctor who acted like an angel for them.

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