Guy Smashes Through His Floor To Save Cat Moments Away From Drowning

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A lot of families suffered in South Texas due to heavy rains which resulted in widespread flooding. The Vercettis were one of the families who suffered heavy losses, but rains were not the only reason behind all the destruction. Some of it was caused by them as well. The family secured a safe place for all their furry pets when it started to pour. However, Blanca, one of their cats, had other plans in mind.

The kitty found a safe place to hide in the storm. The kitty had chosen a place under the house which was the first one to get flooded.

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The family heard sounds coming from under the floor in their bedroom. The kitty was trapped and had no escape as the water level rose continuously.

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Vanah Versetti thought that she had lost the kitty and started grieving for her loss. However, his husband knew that he would do anything to save the kitty.

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Vanah’s husband smashed the wooden flooring with a hammer at the place from where the voices were coming. He was right on time as the cat was about to get drowned in the flood water.

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Sometimes life gives a few minutes to make a decision that can change your entire life. It seems that the Vercettis made the right decision!

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