Getting A Cat – Not A Dog – Can Help With Your Child’s Asthma

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A lot of kids are lucky that their parents allow them to grow up with pets. Now choosing between a dog and a cat has been a difficult question of all times. But maybe this post will make your choices easy. A study has found cats

can protect young kids from diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Danish scientists have observed that high-risk babies with some particular gene are susceptible to the condition.

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Exposing kids to allergens at an early age reduce the possibility of the development of asthma in kids. This can only happen when the kids live with cats as dogs do not give this benefit.

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37 kids were surveyed through mapping their genes and surroundings. The kids that had a cat as their pet had lesser chances of developing a genetic variation that led to increased risk of asthma.

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The allergens present in cats strengthen the development of immune system in kids.

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Cats are more likely to reach a kid’s bed than a dog is. They also carry the necessary viruses, fungi, and bacteria into your home. This study has led to the understanding that environment and genes are related. However, a lot of research still needs to be done on this topic.

Cat Dog Children Asthma


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