Funny Photos Proving That You Should Never, Ever, Trust A Cat

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Cat hoomans can’t stop praising their cats, but only they know about the hardships of keeping a kitty. We have proof that cats can’t be completely trusted even when they look like the most innocent ones in the room. Watch out!

#1 What can you do when the damage is already done. So let me just some more fun.


#2 Cats have their own level of comfort and nothing can match that, not even all the comfortable places that you got them.


#3 You locked me in, so I had to do my part here. Your welcome!


#4 You will realise that you were at fault sooner or later. I was just trying to teach you how to do things properly.


#5 When you try to give a bath to your cats and they decide to help you.

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#6 Now what will you do to get out of it?


#7 How can you shoot a video without me in it? That’s not at all right.


#8 Why is this kitty so desperate to get in the library? Is he hiding a dead mouse in there?


#9 This kitty doesn’t approve of such behaviour.


#10 And for once you learnt how to gain control on your cat. There you go Mr Hooman, your efforts are paying off.



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