Is Female Squirt Pee? Adult Film Stars Settle The Debate


Ah, the age old existential question that’s plagued us for generations. Is female squirt just urine? Some people say yes. Some people say vajaculation (female ejaculation) is real and not just a myth. But what is female squirt really? Don’t you want to know? Well, these adult film stars are here to settle the debate and answer all your squirting questions once and for all….

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Squirting. Female ejaculation- the stuff of myth. What is it and where does it come from?

Not the norm. Most women don’t squirt. It’s not the norm at all. But for some, sex turns their vaginas into fountains.


Why? Why do some women squirt? Are they peeing? These adult film stars are here to tell you what’s up.


Study. According to VICE, in 2015, scientists released a study on squirting. A group of French researchers studied women who squirted during sex and administered scans on them after they peed and also during sex. What’d they find?


It was pee. The liquid the women released during sex was pee. Though there are papers that say there is a milkish liquid that comes out of vaginas during sex. But as for squirting…


What about adult film stars? During an installment of “Ask a P*rnstar” on, several adult film stars addressed the pressing issue. And if anyone would know, it’d be them. What did they say?


Split. The adult film actresses gave several different answers to the question “Is squirting pee?” Some emphatically said “yes.” Others said not at all.


Taste test. If a taste test can be gauged as an experiment, we have our answer. Rain DeGray said, “I’ve drunk pee and I’ve drunk squirt, and they are completely different.” Ummm….


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