Everybody Was Confused When Hundreds Of Random Items Go Missing— Then They Discover Who’s The Real Culprit


This kitty got the entire neighbourhood thinking about the missing stuff. Bedfordshire Residents were living in peace when things started going missing mysteriously. But the more shocking thing was that a kitty was responsible for all the stuff that was missing.

Lesley Newman was the genius who solved the mystery behind the missing things. The kitty did everything so smartly that it took people a lot of time to figure out where all the missing stuff was going.


The kitty successfully stole things for a period of two years. Denis, the cat burglar, has amazing ideas to keep the things going.


Lesley Newman, the kitty’s human, adopted the kitty at a very young age. The kitty is very active and full of life. The kitty’s human let the kitty explore the world when he was six months old only.

Newman said,

After he had been neutered, I let him and my other cat Eddie out for the first time when they were six months old. It was just a week after that when Denis brought his first things home.

Newman got a little fishy about the kitty when things started piling. The kitty was surely up to something secretive.

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In a matter of six months, the kitty collected more than a hundred garments. The entire neighborhood was getting suspicious of their missing stuff. It was not about one or two things, but we are talking about a huge pile of missing things.

Daily Mail UK interviewed Newman. Newman said,

It started off as a shock and some paper, but gradually escalated. It wasn’t just lighter items like a pair of pants, there were heavier things such as a Barbie doll and a bath towel. He has completely filled two large boxes. Some people say it’s because he’s never been taught to hunt… I think it’s cause he likes me.


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