Dog Finds Tiny Kitten Stuck Underneath Log, But Won’t Stop Barking For Till A Miracle Happens

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A two day old kitten was found stuck under a log. He was covered in maggots and would have died if a dog wouldn’t have saved him. Opie, the rescuer dog, heard the kitty’s meows and started searching the little fellow to help him out.

Opie stood beside the log, barking loudly until his owner came over and saved the kitty.

Dog Rescues Newborn Kitten 1
Dog Rescues Kitten 7

Roscoe, the kitty, was safe and in good health with his new family. All thanks to Opie for this gifted life.

Dog Rescues Newborn Kitten 2
Dog Rescues Newborn Kitten 3

The kitten was given a bath and taken to the vet to get a quick medical aid.

Dog Rescues Newborn Kitten 5
Dog Rescues Trapped Kitten

His owner created a little nesting box for the kitty and he was all comfortable in there. The kitty was happy and loved.

Cat And Dog Rescued
Dog Saves Roscoe Newborn Kitty

Roscoe loves his new mommy and glad that she loves her too. An abandoned kitten understands very well the value of a mother’s love.

Dog Saves Newborn Kitten 4

Roscoe managed to slowly open his eyes after almost ten days.

Kitten Happy To Be Rescued Healthy
Rescued Kitten 25 Week Old

The kitten was finding it a little difficult to feed. So he was fed milk with the help of a syringe.

Rescued Kitten Gets Saved By Dog

The kitty liked to cuddle up after getting some good food.

Rescued Kitten Recovered By Dog

The kitten had a pink bunny as a companion to sleep with. He would quietly go back to his little nesting box after feeding and peacefully sleep with his little pink bunny.

Roscoe And Dogs
Roscoe And Opie

Little Roscoe grew more adorable day by day. The kitten managed to create a purrfect place for himself in everyone’s heart.

Roscoe And Opie Best Friends Dog Cat

The kitten took some time to be able to view his human properly. Initially he opened one eye and then the other one after some days.

Roscoe Playing Healthy

After a few weeks, the kitty started feeding using a bottle and retired the syringe. He showed quick growth.

The kitty has a beautiful road ahead. He is really lucky to have a brother like Opie and such amazing humans.
Roscoe Rescue Story Newborn Kitten
Roscoe Saved Growing Up

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