Cute tiger who thinks of himself as a cat loves to lie on a swing and ride toy motorcycle

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It is common knowledge that tigers, lions and cats all come from the same ancestors. And they below to the same cat family as well. One wonders how the two species of cats and tigers would interact if they ever crossed paths.

Well, in this video below, we have conclusive evidence of the common ancestors that tigers and cats shared. This baby tiger thinks of himself as a cat!

All of his actions are like a cat’s. The tiger absolutely loves his sleep- he can sleep as much as 15 hours a day! And he loves his toys too. The baby tiger can be seen lying on a swing in the video below.

The people who are raising him know that he loves toys as well. They try to get him to ride a toy motorcycle, and he quickly obliges!

Watch this cute little video below, and if you like, do share it with your friends and family!

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