Couple Goes To Adopt Shelter Cat, But She Refuses To Let Go Of Her Best Friend

Cats Adopted Together Best Friends Featured

Luna and Louie were two lonely kitties that found each other at STAR Rescue situated in Gainesville, GL. Since then, nothing has been able to keep the kitties apart from each other. The two promised to always stay together.

The two kitties are partners in crime now. They love to cuddle and sleep together. James and his girl went to STAR Rescue in order to adopt a little pup. But after they saw the two kitties, they knew what they wanted. James wasn’t that keen on getting a dog because he knew that they won’t be able to take care of them properly and give the puppy all the attention he requires.
As soon as they saw the kitties, it was decided that that’s it. They were taking them home. Cats have always been a part of James’s life and he gets along with them well. He thought that won’t be much of a problem for them.

James returned with his girlfriend after two weeks to adopt a kitty. Initially, they have thought of getting only one kitty, but it was really hard to leave one of them behind. So they ended up taking both of them home. James said,


We couldn’t let go of Louie after seeing how ‘at home’ they both were together. They love to take care of each other and nap together. They do everything together.

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