Cop Cuddles Orphaned Kitten All Night— Refuses To Let Her Spend Father’s Day Alone


It’s a bit difficult to imagine that there exist policemen who are kind-hearted and would care enough to take care of a little kitten that is terribly missing her mother, but it not impossible. You heard it right. A policeman held a little kitty in his arms all the time so that she doesn’t feel lonely. He understood the pain of being lonely.
Lakeland Police Department said,

It was early in the shift so he [Cardin] brought her in, outfitted a records box and put her safely inside the kennel at the station.

So basically that is how the story of the policeman and the little kitty began.

The kitty felt absolutely comfortable after getting inside the kennel. The kitty was all cosy and comfortable when Sergeant Wallace came in. Surprisingly, Sergeant Wallace felt drawn to the kitty.

The Police Department of Lakeland explained,

He [Wallace] didn’t want her to be alone all night, so he scooped her up and kept her with him throughout the shift.


Every cat likes attention and this kitty was getting all of it and that too from a Sergeant. She was smart enough to understand the situation and took a step further to get friendly with the Sergeant.


The kitty snuggled up in the Sergeant’s lap and stared at him with his adorable eyes. Then she started purring endlessly. Wallace was also completely smitten by the kitty’s adorableness.


Wallace ended up giving the kitty a cute name ‘Kelsey’.

The Police Department also said,

She [Kelsey] seemed to take to her new role as partner to Sgt. Wallace. However, she did fall asleep her first night on the job.

Kelsey was lucky to find her new dad and that too on the occasion of Father’s Day.

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The kitty is very happy with his new human. She couldn’t have asked for more.


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