Cool Cats Show Their Humans How to Pole Dance

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Cats don’t stop till they have achieved everything that they desire. They are curious to learn new things that they watch their humans doing. For instance, the kitties in this post see their humans dancing on the pole. Now how can they stop till they learn it too? The cats not only copy their humans but also prove that they are better at doing the task.

The kitty couldn’t resist watching his human doing the pole dance. So he goes on to join him and swirls around the pole elegantly. It looks like the kitty is born with the talent. It didn’t take him long to figure out the tricks of the art. And before anyone could figure out what is going in the kitty’s head, he is seen dancing around the pole.

Have a look at the video of the kitty and see for yourself how talented the kitty is. Watch the video here!

There is another adorable grey kitty that was captured showing off his dancing skills. Don’t miss watching it. The video is available with us here.

The two cats are not only adorable but talented too. Their proud owners can’t stop adoring the two little kitties.

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