Clueless Dog Tried Trespassing in Cat’s Territory, Cat Made Sure Dog Had Painful Regret

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Cats and dogs have been portrayed as mortal enemies as long as we can remember. The pair are simply thought to hate each other. While this is true to a certain extent, many believe that this age-old conflict arises from the extremely different thought processes of cats and dogs. At least that is what the medical consensus is.


Many doctors who have researched on this topic believe that the problem between the two species if often misunderstanding. For instance, if a cat tries to walk away from a dog, the dog might mistake that as the cat inviting it to a chasing game, so the dog chases! Which, in turn, leads the cat to think that the dog is trying to attack it!


But sometimes, the equation turns on its head. Sometimes, the cat is bold enough to strike back! Or, to take a step further, some cats actually try to actively hunt for dogs!

Just check out this video below. It shows cats actually hunting dogs that have the misfortune to cross into it’s territory.

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