Caught on Camera: Family Feline Narrowly Escapes Clutches of Would-Be Catnapper

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Mo is an indoor kitty and once a while when he goes out, he never creates trouble for anyone. In fact, the kitty recently escaped the clutches of a cat criminal. Samuel Evertson, the kitty’s owner, lets the kitty on the porch whenever he wants fresh air. One day, when Mo was casually strolling on the porch, a lady grabbed him and just as she was trying to escape, the kitty decided to take a stand for himself.

No one was around so Mo figured out that he has to rescue himself now. He quickly jumped out of the kidnapper’s grip and made it back to the porch.

The lady knew that Mo was too smart for anyone to harm him so she decided to leave him alone.

The brave kitty scared the kidnapper away. He knows how to take care of himself when his human is not around.

Evertson only found out about the entire incident through the cameras outside his home. He immediately reported the matter to the police.

The kitty’s humans were really scared that someone had tried to take away their kitty when they were home. They were really glad that the kitty acted wisely.

Shammy Kon, the kitty’s human, said,

We are generally out there with him but were not at that time. He was probably laying there for 10-15 minutes before this happened. I’m livid. They did it while I was home, on the other side of that wall to the deck. I don’t know what I’d be doing had they successfully taken him.

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