Cat’s Best Friend Was Hit by a Car, But Then Rescuers Arrive and See What’s He’s Doing, It’s Heartbreaking

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It’s unfortunate to lose a close one and that too in a tragic accident. The pain is just unbearable. A kitty lost his close friend in an accident. They were really close to each other and considered each other as family. However, the tragic incident ended up separating the two of them.

The kitty couldn’t understand how everything changed in the blur of a moment. A few minutes back he was happily playing with his buddy.

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The kitty lost his life in an accident. His friend cried out for help, but unfortunately it was too late.

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One of the passer-bys recorded a video this kitty saying goodbye to the friend that he lost in the accident. He knew that he was not coming back, but still he tried his best to revive the kitty back to life.

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After watching the kitty saying goodbye to his friends, you will surely be in tears. It is really hard to face such a condition, that too when you have to go through it all alone.

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The kitty was lost and had no idea how he will spend the rest of his life without his best buddy. But now he has to act wisely and move ahead without his buddy only.

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There are times in life when you wish that maybe you could just go back in time and change everything, but things don’t work that way. You have to find the strength and the courage to keep moving and make a way to face life.

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This kitty will also find the strength and the courage to move ahead. But at the moment, he just needs some time to reflect upon his loss and grieve for his lost friend.

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We hope that the kitty will find happiness again and soon make a friend that he will cherish.

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