Cat Yoga – Great For You and For the Cats!

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Yoga has really taken the world by the storm. This ancient meditation technique, which originated in India, has become a phenomenon in the western countries. People left right and center have taken to Yoga, and reaping the multitudes of benefits that it provides.

In fact, Yoga has now become so popular that even cats have their Yoga classes! A local cat shelter in Chicago has been organising such classes, called Catcade. And it’s not just cats, there’s goat yoga out there too! Although that is besides the point.

The idea behind such Yoga classes is to get the cat to follow you in doing Yoga postures. You do the Yoga, and the cat just wanders about. If you’re lucky, the cat will do a few poses, and if not, well, you still will have a fun time.

People have taken well to such cat yoga classes. They feel that bringing their favourite pets along has really helped them get through all the Yoga stretches very easily. Here are a few pics from these classes-

Cat Yoga Setup Cat Yoga Treatbox Cat Yoga Pose Cat Yoga Table Cat Yoga Buff Cat Yoga Wrap Up Treats


And the good guys at Catcade uploaded a video too-

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