Cat Walks Into A Classroom And When The Lecture Gets Boring, He Can’t Stay Awake And Falls Asleep

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It’s a known fact that the curiosity of the cats takes them places. So this cat’s curiosity motivated him to attend a school in Malaysia. Like every other student, this kitty was also very keen on attending classes initially. However, attending all the classes without a nap was quite impossible for him. The kitty dosed off when the class got boring, just like every student loves to do.

You wouldn’t have seen cats taking a nap at a lot of places, but how about a classroom? This kitty not only likes to attend classes like an attentive student, but he also likes to take a nap when the time is right.

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All the students welcomed the kitty happily to the class. The cat has got everyone’s attention and it is really fascinating to see a cat paying attention to the lectures.

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What do you think? Is this cat taking notes as well or is he talented enough to remember everything?

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Watch the video to see for yourself how sincere this kitty is. You won’t get to witness this again. Enjoy the video!

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