Cat Tries to Apologise to His Buddy And It’s Really Adorable [VIDEO]

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It’s quite common to quarrel with your friends now and then. And it’s for your friendship’s benefit, that you apologize to each other before it’s too late.

The cats also fight now and then. But unlike humans, they have their own way in which they apologize to one another. The cats we are talking about here have seem to undergone a fight. But one of them knows that their friendship is more important than the small fights over silly issues. So he goes on to apologize to his best buddy.

The kitty is very sad over the entire issue. The cat doesn’t even want to look at his buddy. Nonetheless, the other kitty doesn’t give up and tries to make up to his buddy with a pitiful apology. The two look really adorable even when they are upset. It won’t be long before the two adorable kitties will resolve their issues and start playing and cuddling like the best of buddies.

Have a look at the video of the kitty trying to say sorry to his best buddy. This is really adorable. But wait a minute, what is this leading to?

Watch the video of the kitty here!

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