Cat “Rescues” Man From Kitten

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All babies, of almost all animals, are extremely cute. They are all so innocent and adorable. And baby kittens are right up there as the cutest of animal babies. They are tiny and playful, and extremely innocent to the ways of the world. However, sometimes that play full nature over steps it’s bounds, and wanders in to the ‘annoying’ category. A good example would the baby kitten in the video below. Her idea of being playful is to climb on her owners pants, biting him on the way up! That is definitely not fun for the poor human.


The kitten in the video is just 2 months old, and his name is Kody. Usually, his human loves to play with him, but he is quite busy right now. So Kody has decided to just climb on his loose pants and stay there, despite the human’s efforts on the contrary.


And just when it seemed that Kody was being a little too aggressive, in stepped his big sister, Shorty! She straightaway put Kody in his place, and the kitten knew who the boss was!


Check out the full video here-

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