Cat Island in Italy! Let’s Get Packing!

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Cat lovers, it’s time to get your travel documents in order! Apparently, a remote island in Sardinia, Italy is a cat, yes, a cat sanctuary! Many rescue cats roam on the beaches here and the visitors can either play with the cats or just take in the sight of hundreds of cats moving around in the sand.

I Gatti di Su Pallosu is the association that runs the whole sanctuary. It is also in charge of the welfare of all the cats on the island. The care of the felines, their vaccination, and their sterilization, as well as maintenance of the beach, are all jobs of the I Gatti di Su Pallosu.


Andrea Atzori found this non-profit sanctuary in 2011. The place is a heaven for those who love cats and beaches, Andrea says.

Although the sanctuary is quite new, cats have actually been roaming on the island for over a century. They first came to the island along with fishermen. Now, there are over 100 cats roaming the island.

The sanctuary does sound very inviting indeed. However, to get there, one has to make advance reservations. This is because, in order to avoid stressing out the felines, the sanctuary has taken the decision to allow only 10 people on the island at one time.

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