Cat Goes To The Groomer, And Ends Up Getting The Worst Haircut Ever

Bad Cut Cat Feature

Cat people like to experiment with the look of their cats. This is done not only to get them a good look, but also to make them feel cool and calm during the hot season. Jin Jin, the kitty, always supports his hooman when it comes to these things. But he didn’t know that one of these days, his hooman will go way too far to get him a new look.


Xie Qian Qian usually gets his kitty shaved in order to keep him cool and the house clean. The kitty has really long hair and it starts creating trouble at times, both for the kitty as well as his hooman. So it’s better shaved off.

Bad Cut Cat 01

Few months back, the kitty’s hooman was really busy and asked for a favour from a friend to take the kitty for a cut only to see it turn into a disaster later. The kitty got the worst haircut of his entire life due to some misunderstanding. The kitty’s scary haircut made his hooman gasp with surprise.

Bad Cut Cat 02

Now Qian will never send the kitty with a friend for a cut. She has learnt her lesson. The kitty looks like he is wearing some scary mask.

When Qian went to pick the kitty she said,
Bad Cut Cat 03

I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. I can’t be blamed for it.

Qian couldn’t help but laugh at the funny haircut that the kitty had. Her husband was really upset about it, but eventually even he flashed a smile on seeing the kitty.

The kitty himself was not much happy with the cut, but he somehow managed. He understood that it was just a haircut and his hair will be back soon.

Qian said,
Bad Cut Cat 04

My cat is a very tame and good cat.

Well, good luck with that haircut kitty!

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