Cat Goes Missing – 10 Years Later, California Wildfires ‘Bring’ Him Back To His Family

Wildfires Bring Cat Back Family Featured

California saw a lot of hardships last year due to the outrageous fire. People lost their loved ones and their home too. It wasn’t easy for the pets either. Some families are still not sure not happened to their pets.
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Thompson family started believing in miracles after the devastating fires. Pilot, their kitty, had been missing since the year 2007. Jennifer Thompson said that the kitty was really different from others. He loved her kids and played in the water. The family found their kitty back after ten years when the fire swept through California. The family tried their best to find the kitty. But when he didn’t return for long, they lost hope.
Then one day, Jennifer received a phone call enquiring about a kitty. The kitty’s microchip gave them the family’s information. Jennifer said,
Cat 2

Imagine our shock an surprise when he was found on Oct 31st. 10 years after his disappearance. He was severely burned in the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Cat 3
Jennifer was glad that someone took the kitty to the hospital immediately. When the kitty was scanned to search for the microchip, the staff was able to locate his family. Jennifer couldn’t believe that it was happening for real. She couldn’t explain how happy she was. Jennifer was really worried about the kitty’s health. The kitty had severe injuries due to the fire. We all are hoping that he will recover soon.

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