Big Brother Helping Tiny Kitty Climb Stairs is the Cutest Thing You Will See Today

Tenny German Shepherd Featured

German Shepherds have always been considered smart and intelligent. They know how to get things done and tackle any problem. Apart from this, they are absolutely affectionate and helpful, even though they might scare you away.

Tennyson, a German Shepherd, has proved that what all has been said about them is absolutely true. Tenny welcomed his little kitty sibling with all his heart.


A lot of you must be thinking that this is not one of the best combinations, but it is absolutely adorable and Tenny has showed that there is no need to worry at all. He is there to take care of everything.


The little kitten was just learning how to climb the stairs when Tenny appeared and then something really amazing occurred.

Tenny had come to help, but he was instructed by their hooman to let the kitty do this himself. Still, Tenny stayed around to watch and help him out. He showed the kitty how to climb on.


The German Shepherd was really eager to help out the kitty. He gave him time to learn and give it a try.

But after a while, Tenny thought that the kitty has had enough and it’s time that he stepped in. So he assured the kitty that he was there to help. He gently picked up the kitty by his neck and helped him climb up.

Tenny has always played the role of his big brother with all his heart. There is not a slight doubt that the dog doesn’t care for the kitty. He is always looking after the kitty.


He takes the kitty upstairs very cautiously. The two were really happy after they reached their destination.

Have a look at the amazing video filmed by the hooman of these two loving siblings. She is really proud of the two.

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