Artist Creates Miniature Eyelid Paintings Of Cats And They’re Awesome!

Cat Eyeshadow Feature

Our kitties are inspiring the people all over the world. People are intrigued by these feline creatures to such an extent that they are taking inspiration from them in the field of miniature painting as well. Well, why shouldn’t they when our fur balls are so very adorable! You will be intrigued by how these miniature paintings look so real. Who wouldn’t like to add a spark to their eyes?


#1 Have you ever thought about this unique kitty make up art? We know you are dying to try it out. Well, every cat lover would love that.

Cat Eyeshadow 01

#2 This one has taken the eye makeup to whole another new level. That purple and black shade of the eye is just marvellous. That kitty looks really naughty and will jump out anytime from the picture.

Cat Eyeshadow 02

#3 These two lover cats are just inseparable. They even ended up inspiring the miniature art.

Cat Eyeshadow 03

#4 Who said cats and dogs cannot friends? These two are breaking all the stereotypes. They are the best buddies that are difficult to spot. It’s your luck if you have seen a cat and a dog so close to one another.

Cat Eyeshadow 04

#5 Which pair of eyes are you staring at – the blue one or the green ones that belong to the little kitty? Both of them are equally beautiful.

Cat Eyeshadow 05

#6 When Baymax comes to the rescue, every kitty will sleep in peace. Isn’t that adorable? We know that everyone needs a Baymax in their life. It’s good to have a personal rescuer.

Cat Eyeshadow 06
Share this amazing miniature art idea inspired by cats with your friends. Then all of you can plan to get it done together. Comment if you have any such ideas in the mind and let the rest of the world know. It’s good to share such ideas with everyone that you know.

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