Angry feral kitten won’t let anyone touch him, but when he feels what love is, it’s a miracle transformation.

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Imagine living by yourself on the streets for months. Imagine all the desperation as you scamper for food and shelter, while others just casually dismiss your very existence. This is exactly what cats that live on the streets experience. No wonder it makes their personality so violent. No wonder they turn feral. But with a bit of patience, and with the right techniques, domestication of such cats is very much possible!

Check out the video below. This cat has been rescued from the streets, and it is feral and very aggressive. He goes by the name Dormouse, and is 4 months old. But he simply cannot stand human contact! At least not initially. After a bit of hard work and dedication from the human, the situation turns on its head.

As we can see below, the amazing techniques shared here to transform this wild and feral kitty into a tame and happy one! He even purrs in happiness now!

This video is bound to put a big smile on your face, check it out!

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