Adorable Kitten Follows a Man Home and Refuses to Leave And 4 Years Later, He is Still With Him

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It’s often said that you are responsible for your life. It’s a little difficult to understand when you are facing circumstances that life has placed before you. Nala, the kitty, was living in a slum area in Kenya. Despite the fact that she was just a kitten at the time, she knew that she deserved better and she had to do something about it.

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Nala decided to follow a man till his home and wouldn’t leave till the time the man took him in.

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This man who was soon to become Nala’s hooman visited Kenya as he was working for a non-profit organization. Nala had a lot of expectations from his man.

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The man couldn’t say no to this cute kitty and that’s how Nala fund her forever home. soon after that, the kitty moved to America with her hooman.

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Now the two of them are living an amazing life together!

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Just watch this video to know more about Nala and how she found her hooman. It’s amazing to see how life aids you in getting what you want when you make an effort to get it yourself. Nala learned this at a very young age and now her life is like a blessing for her!


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