A very skinny stray cat was found trying to feed her nine hungry kittens on the streets even though she didn’t have food for herself.

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A mother’s dedication is a wonderful thing indeed. And we got yet another reminder of it here.

The photo below is a whole litter of kittens, and their mother Prairie. Prairie was found with her 9 kittens, all around 6 years old. She was totally malnourished, she fed her kittens while the poor mother herself went hungry.

This litter was rescued off the streets of California. Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) then took them all off the shelter and put them up for adoption. They wanted the little group to find a new foster home quickly. However, the condition of the kittens was not making things easier. A few of the kittens were just skin and bones, and the mother cat herself could barely get up due to exhaustion.

That’s when PAWS came in to contact with Ashley. And Ashley took all 10 of them in!

“PAWS wanted to keep Prairie and her 9 babies together, so they called me because they knew I was the most likely foster parent they knew that would be willing to take such a large group, all 10 of them! Of course I said yes.””When they first arrived at my home, they were filthy. They were sick from being on the streets, only getting the small amount of nutrition their mom could get them,” Ashley told.

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The kittens were really excited in their new home, while the mother cat wisely spent a few days building up her energy.

“They were so happy to run and play in the foster room while mom spent the next few days sleeping and getting her energy back.”

“Mama Prairie was so used to having to scavenge for food, she continued to do it at our house even though they were being fed so much,” Ashley told.

Prairie was so grateful to have her foster family to help her look after her babies. The loving mama finally got the rest and food that she needed.

“To get them and mommy back to healthy weights they were all getting canned food at least 3 to 4 times a day, as much as they could eat, plus dry food all the time.”

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