8 Myths About Cats… Debunked!

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You wouldn’t be surprised if you here that something or the other will happen if you get a cat and tons of other rumours going around. However, it’s time that you know the truth behind those myths. It never fails to surprise us what people have been saying about cats. It’s not only hilarious, but crazy as well. Here are some myths revolving around cats that you should certainly know about!

#1 That stupid myth about the relation between sense of balance and the cat’s whiskers is just hilarious.

Cat’s whiskers have a totally different purpose altogether. They help them to navigate around and find they can squeeze into. It has nothing to do with balance, but losing them can be really painful.

#2 Cats steal away the breaths of babies.

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This one is only partially false. As leaving a small kid with a kitty can be pretty dangerous in case the cat sleeps over the baby’s face. So you have to be a little careful there!

#3 Black cats bring bad luck.

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This myth has originated from the times of witches as the black cats were said to be connected with them. However, this is completely false.

#4 Pregnant women should stay away from cats.

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Pregnant women should only stay away from cat litter as it contains toxoplasmosis which can spread diseases and cause birth defects.

#5 Cats purr when they are happy.

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It’s not necessary as cats may purr when they are in pain or anxious as well, apart from the time when they are happy.

#6 Cats abhor water.

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Cats don’t need a bath many a times as they are mostly clean. So when you decide to give them a bath, do it with caution.

#7 Cats always have a purrfect landing.

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Cats are purrfect at a lot of things. But the reason behind their purrfect landing most of the times is their bone structure.

#8 Cats like to be alone.

Well, cats do like their own time, but they also enjoy it when they are with their hoomans. So this is not absolutely false.

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