22 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs

These 30 Celebrities Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs 39

We often come across famous stars who chose to run away from the spotlight to live a normal life and earn their daily bread and butter out of ordinary jobs. However, it is rare that we try and understand what forced them to take this decision.

A lot of times, the decision comes out of their unsuccessful and non-performing career. On the contrary, we’ve also seen celebrities who get tired of this pretentious world and decide moving on to follow a more ‘normal’ lifestyle. Today, we’re bringing you just that.

So, we at The Popple have compiled the list of celebrities who left Hollywood for regular jobs.

Geoffrey Owens, 57

Geoffrey Owens

You might remember Owens name from the recent headlines where a customer job-shamed him at Trader Joe’s. After the end of his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show, the actor struggled to find a good and stable acting job.

Ever since the job-shaming incident, the actor has become a preacher of ‘do what you love,’ and as a result, also landed some acting jobs recently.

Erik Estrada, 69

Erik Estrada

Remember Estrada’s role that earned him fame as Frank Poncherello on CHiPs?

IRL, the actor, has been serving as a deputy sheriff for Bedford County, Virginia since 2009.

OMG! I wish to be pulled over by him.

Angelina Pivarnick, 32

Angelina Pivarnick

The former reality star Pivarnick now spends most of her time-saving lives at EMT. Apart from this, she’s frequently spotted at the gym and laundry.

Lisa Whelchel, 55

Lisa Whelchel

Lisa was America’s darling after her stint as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life.

But after the show ended, Lisa made a conscious choice to quit acting and turned into ‘stay-at-home’ mother and author. Since then, she has published ten books.

Not bad, Lisa!

Steven Anthony Lawrence, 28

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Remember Lawrence’s famous role as Beans in Even Stevens?

Well, Steven left his Hollywood career and turned into a full-time acting teacher for new aspirants.

Lauren Conrad, 33

Lauren Conrad

Come on, we all remember that absolute tear that rolled down Lauren’s cheeks when she was part of a hit reality show The Hills in 2006!

Conrad quit Hollywood and started her fashion line along with Kohls. She also manages an official site with her name laurenconrad.com

Al Green, 72

Al Green

Legendary singer, songwriter, Al Green left Hollywood and turned into a full-time pastor at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lisa and Louise Burns, 51

Lisa And Louise Burns

Remember scary twin girls from The Shining? Well, they now look less haunting.

Lisa and Louise who appeared in the film The Shining found a successful career in their regular jobs. Lisa is a lawyer, whereas Louise is a published scientist.

Jeff Cohen, 44

Jeff Cohen

Does this man look familiar to you?

Actor Jeff Cohen played the role of ‘Chunk’ in the famous 1985 film The Goonies. He left Hollywood and opted for an ordinary job of an attorney.

Adrian Dantley, 62

Adrian Dantley

Famed athlete, Adrian played 15 seasons of NBA. The sportsman is now working as a crossing guard in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Mara Wilson, 31

Well, no one can forget Mara’s significant contribution as an actor in the films like Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda, and Miracle On 34th Street.

She’s now a full-time actor turned author with three books as published under her belt.

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