12 Cats That Are Literally Ninja

Cats Ninja Feature

Cats are no less than ninjas. All those who have lived with a cat at least once in their lives know this very well. These feline creatures are really sharp minded and quick in their actions. So next time if you are planning to keep something away from your kitty, just keep this in mind and make all the plans. These Ninja cats will fail your every plan.


#1 When your cat is trying to keep a watch on your coffee intake and you won’t even know about it.

Cat Ninja 01

#2 This Ninja kitty is way ahead than you think. Even you try and catch up with them, you won’t be able to. So you better save your energy hooman.

Cat Ninja 02

#3 And when the night calls, the kitty will rise.

Cat Ninja 03

#4 The kitty is trying its best at hiding. Come on hooman! Accept the challenge and find me.

Cat Ninja 04

#5 So you tried to rule this place. Well, that is not going to happen till the time I am alive. Get that straight into your little mind.

Cat Ninja 05

#6 The kitty is just waiting for the right moment to make the move. Go ahead and fall asleep.

Cat Ninja 06

#7 If you have a kitty, you better not keep any fancy things in your home because they are not going to last long.

Cat Ninja 07

#8 Cats always make the best use of the opportunities when you leave them alone at home. go out to have fun only to come back home and see the mess.

Cat Ninja 08

#9 The kitty couldn’t take the normal human life anymore so he decided to kick in.

Cat Ninja 09

#10 You thought that will keep me away from the fish?

Cat Ninja 10

#11 Yes, I have magnetic powers as well!

Cat Ninja 11

#12 There is light in the room and it’s all clean. But the real question is where is the kitty?

Cat Ninja 12

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