11 Possible Causes Of Stress In Cats

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Your cats may be going through a lot of stress even if you don’t know about it. They are really brave and don’t want to make you sad with their problems. So the best you can do is know the reasons of their stress and keep them away from things that bring them down. This list will help you a lot when it comes to the reasons of stress for a kitty.

#1 Visiting the vet is never an easy task for a cat.

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#2 Changing places can give your cats a hard time adjusting to the new one.

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#3 They love the furniture in your home and they will obviously get sad if you change it.

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#4 Cats feel that the new entrant to the family will steal all your attention.

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#5 Cats get a little irritable when they are exposed to loud noises.

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#6 Laser pointers are pretty stressful for cats for the reason that they are unable to catch the light.

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#7 Cats may not be very comfortable when guests pay a visit.

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#8 Don’t do things that they completely hate. They may attack you.

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#9 Changing food habits can be a big reason of their stress.

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#10 Scratching is natural for cats, otherwise they may get quite stressful.

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#11 Cats are very adventurous and they need something to continuously stimulate their minds.

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