10 Times When Cats Landed in Trouble

Cat Fails Feature

Our kitties are not purrfect even though they try to be. There are times when they fail at their mission too. However, they never fail to give their best. These are the few times when the feline creatures failed at achieving what they wanted. But we are sure that they are coming up with another plan really soon. So just wait and watch!


#1 When you are trying to defeat the demons within you, it will be a tough match for sure.


Cat Fails 01

#2 Sometimes, the dog won’t listen to your sweet meows and may teach you a lesson. So you better be prepared for it as well.


Cat Fails 02

#3 What were you doing little kitty? Did you just land in trouble? Why would you do that anyway?


Cat Fails 03

#4 When you are getting late for the work and trouble calls, you have no other option but listen to it. That is why smartness doesn’t work every time. Sometimes you have to follow the rules.


Cat Fails 04

#5 This kitty was too excited for the treats. But now he needs to see the vet first.


Cat Fails 05

#6 When you were so close to your prey, but door came in between. That is the worst kind of defeat that you ever get to witness.


Cat Fails 06

#7 The curious kitty ended up making a fool of himself. But maybe now he has all the answers to his questions. How did it feel little kitty? He still looks adorable. Cats never fail at that.


Cat Fails 07

#8 It looked adventurous from far away. Maybe next time I will watch it from there only. At least, I wouldn’t have to get wet that way.


Cat Fails 08

#9 Did this kitty plan that? Well, it doesn’t look that way. As long as it is hilarious, no one minds.


Cat Fails 11

#10 When you pretend that you are strong and fear nothing, but heights do scare you even if you are a kitty.


Cat Fails 10

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