10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Naughty Cat

Bad Cats Feature

All cats are not well behaved even if they love you the most. Sometimes, they just follow their heart and do what they feel like and when that happens, you better not try to change their decisions. That will not happen by any chance. Cats can get really naughty at times, but they never stop being adorable. These naughty cats will show you till what extent they can go to fulfil their wishes.


#1 Your kitty will punish you even for the acts you have not committed. So when you get that stinky eye look, be ready for that kitty rage.

Bad Cat Life 01

#2 When you are trying to have a good time with your kitty but he refuses to get into your lap. Stay away from me you devilish hooman! I will not be trapped by your plans.

Bad Cat Life 02

#3 How did you even think that I will agree to your terms and conditions? Either you listen to me or just leave me alone.

Bad Cat Life 03

#4 You will be taught how to be a good hooman. But before that I need to show you how to behave yourself and that will be done by punishing you.

Bad Cat Life 04

#5 Your cats won’t allow you to touch them, but you can’t stop them from getting close to you. That’s the cardinal rule of the feline creatures.

Bad Cat Life 05

#6 The kitties will love to shower their love upon you when you are asleep and having good dreams. They don’t like to see you having good times alone.

Bad Cat Life 06

#7 Cats too have mood swings and they are really bad at handling them. So when you see them randomly attacking something, just get the hint and stay a little away from them.

Bad Cat Life 07

#8 You are never going to have a good sleep ever again. Congratulations! You have a kitty in your home.

Bad Cat Life 08

#9 There is no end to their pranks.

Bad Cat Life 09

#10 If that drink is not for me, no one can drink it.

Bad Cat Life 10

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