10 Things Cat Owners Have Probably Done

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Owning a cat is mostly a fun job. We say mostly, because cats can sometimes be tiring pets. They can be irritating and aloof at times. But yes, most of the time, cats are great pet material. One thing that every new cat owner realizes quickly about cats is how weird they are. They are reclusive at times, and at times they just don’t leave your side, no matter how hard you try.


This weird nature that cats have tends to encourage their owners to try out certain, specific activities with them. And believe it or not, almost all cat owners would’ve tried these 10 things shown in the video below with their cats.


These activities consist of some pretty weird things. They range from straightforward activities like struggling to eat their dinner in peace n front of a cat to stepping in to cat shit or vomit!


Do tell us in the comments what is your favorite cat-related activity!


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