10 Signs That Your Cat Is The Alpha In Your Relationship

Alpha Cat Feature

All cats are sweet. Some are sweet because they like it that way, the others just put on a good pretending show all the times. In short, they know how to keep you under their thumbs and get all the things done. Some of the feline creatures consider themselves as alpha kitties. Believe us you are not in a very good position if you got one of them. Find it out here!


#1 So you thought the kittens are cute. Well, everyone thinks that way till the time you get to see their real side. The cuteness will explode anytime now.

Alpha Cats 01

#2 They absolutely love you but only when it’s convenient for them. So you better behave and good look in the public if you really want their love and attention.

Alpha Cats 02

#3 Good hoomans feed their kitties on time and they really exist. But once a while, things go right!

Alpha Cats 03

#4 Try to leave them at home and see the magic. They will stick to you just like bees stick to honey. At that time, you are the most cherished one for them.

Alpha Cats 04

#5 Consult your kitty while making all the decisions of your life and you will never end up in trouble. That’s how smart they are. But they will not tell this to you again and again.

Alpha Cats 05

#6 The kitties know how to walk away smoothly from all the mess that they create. You have to deal with it all alone.

Alpha Cats 06

#7 You have an alpha cat if you see yourself doing that frequently. How are you feeling, kitty cat?

Alpha Cats 07

#8 When you try to tell your cats how they will live their lives, but obviously they one of the alpha cats so they won’t listen.

Alpha Cats 08

#9 Everything that you own is mine as well.

Alpha Cats 09

#10 They won’t sit back and accept their defeat. They will fight for it till the time they achieve.

Alpha Cats 11

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