10 Most Amazing Cat Memes This Week

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Cats are always up to one thing or the other. They have made it their purpose of life to spread happiness in the lives of their hoomans. They know how stressed their lovely hoomans get at times. So they have taken this task of cheering them up and they doing a great job. Have a look at these amazing cat memes to see what our furry friends keep on doing to spread happiness around. Cat lovers just can’t stop laughing at these funny cat memes!

#1 Cats take food really seriously and sometimes when they are lucky enough, their hoomans too.


#2 This kitty is a little lazy to walk and she doesn’t need to when she has this special pink carriage.


#3 These cats are totally fascinated by pokemons. They consider themselves as one of them.


#4 Only if his hooman could hear that.


#5 That’s an unbreakable cycle. Maybe we should teach this kitty something about exercising.


#6 When your cat takes charge of your priorities.

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#7 And they put these muscles to a good use.


#8 How dare you leave me alone! Didn’t someone tell you about reading between the lines.


#9 How considerate of you Mr Hooman! We are truly grateful.


#10 Maybe he is not even interested in playing anymore.


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