10 Funny Photos of Cats Acting Like Arses

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Cats could be really badass at times. They are always smart and make things work for themselves. However, there are times when they would like to kill the rat and also not want you to know about it. It’s amusing how they play around to make themselves look innocent which they obviously are not. These cats tried to play cool, but we know what cats are even though they try and pretend.


#1 Cats can play cool after committing the crime so that no one can guess what they did, but some things are just too obvious. So don’t you play smart little kitty.


Mean Cats 01

#2 Is this kitty just playing with the squirrel or is there something more than that? We hope you reach him in time.


Mean Cats 02

#3 When the cat chooses you, there is no way by which you can get rid of him. All you can do is take him home and give him some good food.


Mean Cats 03

#4 It looks like the kitty didn’t like the style. You better change that before he jumps at you.


Mean Cats 04

#5 This hooman was wondering if that’s how you own a cat. It’s quite intriguing, isn’t it?


Mean Cats 05

#6 When the kitty is scared to admit the guilt, but he does it anyway. Now there is no escaping little kitty.


Mean Cats 06

#7 The kitty is still not accepting that his hooman is getting married. She still loves me more than you and you have to live with that for your entire life!


Mean Cats 07

#8 The kitty just wanted to surprise his hooman. Did that work for you, Mr. Hooman?


Mean Cats 08

#9 The momma cat finally understands how it feels like to bear with all the tantrums she used to throw as a little kitten.


Mean Cats 09

#10 The kitty is having the best times of his life or maybe not. All you have to do is ask the kitty and you will know.


Mean Cats 10

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