10 Different Ways To Call A Cat Around The World

Cat World Names Feature

Cats are the biggest attention seekers in the world. They are among the world’s favourite pets. Now people are defining ways how to identify cats from a particular country and it is pretty amazing. Cats are special enough to get a special cat call from the various countries that they belong to. What special name have you allotted your kitty?


#1 This Romanian kitty looks even more adorable in this bat avatar. He is scary and cute at the same time.

World Cat Names 01

#2 This Lithuanian cat has got the attention of everyone. She just wants some time to relax and cherish all the love.

World Cat Names 02

#3 This Australian kitty is all for adventure. If you got a fun idea, you better come to me or else you can continue with whatever you are doing.

World Cat Names 03

#4 The Polish cats are not too friendly. You dare not take advantage of them.

World Cat Names 04

#5 This Japanese cat is real calm and peaceful at all times, except the time she is under the influence of catnip.

World Cat Names 05

#6 This Chinese kitty knows all the fighter moves. You better not be deceived by her cute looks. She is all thunder and trouble.

World Cat Names 06

#7 This green eyed Argentinean kitty is really sweet and loving. Her hoomans feel blessed that they have this loving fur ball is a member of their family.

World Cat Names 07

#8 This kitty from Netherlands is high on catnip. He has never been this way before, so you better not judge the kitty. He surely deserves another chance.

World Cat Names 08

#9 This cat from Germany is missing the royal time when is was considered the supreme one. Well kitty, that time is not coming back so you better adjust with it.

World Cat Names 09

#10 The Ukrainian kitty is surprised with the human trends. He is surprised and wondering what will happen next.

World Cat Names 10
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