10 Cats That Love Water And Are Not Afraid to Show it


Not all feline creatures hate water, some of them really enjoy being in the bathtub. Now, all of you may not agree with it. But our fur balls are really unpredictable and can do anything that may be full of surprise. We have a list of kitties that not only like to spend their time in the bathtub but also enjoy it to the core.

#1 These kitties are totally enjoying their pool party. They are just waiting for a little alcohol that will add color to their party.


#2 This kitty is not happy with the fact that his hooman has to record everything. Why can’t they just leave him alone for a little while and do his thing? But his hooman doesn’t mind the angry look because the kitty still looks cute.



#3 This one likes to take full care of her hair. So one day when she saw her hooman taking a shower, she decided to follow her and learn a little.



#4 This kitty is an expert swimmer. No one tells him how he should do it. But if you want to learn, you can totally join him.



#5 This cat is in love with his little cute Jacuzzi. He likes to stay in their whole day long, until he gets sick of it.


Cat Loves Water Bath 4 605

#6 When things don’t work according to the kitty’s rules, he gets a little-pissed off.


Cat Loves Water Bath 32 605

#7 This kitty believes in staying fit, so he keeps on practicing the different moves everywhere he goes.



#8 This kitty feels so numb at the moment that he will even allow the water to wet his paw.



#9 That situation when you can’t decide if you want it or not.


Cat Loves Water Bath 1 605

#10 The kitty is trying to find the tiny bubble that he lost in there. Did you find it yet?



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