10 Cats That Are Simply Not Photogenic

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No matter how smart and adorable the feline creatures are, there will always be times when they will be captured in the worst poses. Everyone has to go through the phase of impurrfection and so do our cats. These not so photogenic kitties are still getting everyone’s love because a kitty never stops being adorable. They will always be charming. If they don’t manage to look good, they will at least manage to make everyone laugh. Have a look at these kitties and have a nice laugh.


#1 When you are too drunk to go out, but you still decide against it and go anyways. Do have any friends that will carry you back home?

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 1

#2 This socially awkward kitty got captured and he is totally regretting it now. Who invented camera anyways?

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 2

#3 When your hooman refuse you accept how terribly he sings, you have to step up for yourself.

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 3

#4 Wait, I wasn’t ready for the click. Let me at least get dressed first. Why do you have to be so shameless?

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 4

#5 When you are super tired, but still they refuse to leave you alone. Why did you do that? Well, you look absolutely adorable kitty!

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 5

#6 This kitty has huge ears and she can hear everything. So you better do all the planning in utter secrecy.

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 6

#7 Catnip is everything that I need. Can you leave me alone with some catnip at the moment?

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 7

#8 The kitty is shocked with the sad realizations. What will he do now? Is he planning to run away? We still love you, little fur ball.

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 8 160x160

#9 This is the best clicks of all times. These two twin cats are gaining followers really quickly.

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 9

#10 When the little kitten grows up to be a not so adorable cat. What went wrong?

Funny Unphotogenic Cats 10
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