10 Cats That Are Completely Fed Up With Their Humans!

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If you think that you are the only one who is done with other humans, you are not alone. Some of our feline creatures feel the same way. Here are some kitties that would love to run away and have some fun with their own type, instead of tolerating their hoomans.

#1 When will these hoomans understand that taking a tons of selfie won’t make you any prettier or a better human. Why can’t you just relax a bit.


#2 Always trying to control us, why can’t they just leave us alone? These humans can’t stop showing off their power to us.


#3 These humans think that our job is to hunt down the mouse from their homes. Why can’t they see that sometimes we feel sensitive too.


#4 When your kitty just likes to hide under the blanket so you don’t force her to go out with you for a walk.


#5 When the kitty is giving you enough signs to stay away, but you refuse to do so and ask what the kitty’s problem is.


#6 The kitty is not happy with your gestures. Kindly maintain some distance. That will definitely make the kitty happy.


#7 When humans think that their efforts to make kitties will work, but it turns out to be a disaster. You better not try that next time.


#8 You have to take special care of the kitty. Otherwise, he may run away soon and you won’t even have a clue what went wrong.


#9 What wrong did I do to you? You keep on punishing me for everything. Don’t you get it that haircuts really irritate me.


#10 I don’t like this costume at all. Can you please get me out of this at once? I would thank you for my entire life or better find a new hooman.


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