10 Cats Caught Doing The Strangest Things

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Cats can be real fun at times. They come up with crazy stuff that you can’t even imagine. But what you can do is, have a little fun while they are busy in the act. Can you guess what your cat does secretly when you are not watching? Have a look at these ten cats that are weirdly adorable.

#1 This kitty is all set to attack. Or wait a minute, has he perfected the art of flying?

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#2 This kitty is precocious enough to have some chilling time by herself.

2 53

#3 You don’t disturb the kitty while he is reading. Have some manners at least!

3 56

#4 Now watch this cat. Can you guess what he is so curiously staring at.

4 57

#5 Well this kitty has personal work to do. Look away.

5 55

#6 These cats are secretly carrying out a business. Can you believe this?


#7 Don’t dare to argue with this bossy one here.

7 41

#8 This momma kitty loves to take care of her little kitten.

8 42

#9 This cat is really obsessed with herself. And why wouldn’t she, when she is so talented?

9 42

#10 This little kitty loves to follow the trend. But doesn’t it look like a little rabbit?

10 39

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