10 Cat Memes That Will Make Your Day!

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Cat memes never fail to get a smile on your face. They will help you get a good start to the day as well. Cat lovers know that these feline creatures have a talent of bringing a spark to life. Have a look at these cat memes and brighten up your mood in a few moments.

#1 So you just got successful in catching a kitty, but that doesn’t mean that you can take them home as well.

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#2 I just killed the balloon. I didn’t mean to do that. I am really sorry!

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#3 Sometimes cats mean exactly the opposite of what they say.

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#4 Those teeth are even more adorable than the ones of a little kid. We all agree with this.

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#5 It’s just that the kitty is one of them now.

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#6 Why isn’t it here yet? I am dying of hunger.

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#7 This little kitten doesn’t even know how to hold it properly.

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#8 It’s a Monday morning. I am sleep deprived. What else do you want to know!

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#9 Now I am high above the table. You can’t throw me off this.

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#10 The kitty is too conscious of her body to let go of it. So he found the best way out of it.

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