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  • The Cast of American Pie, Then and Now


    In 1997, American Pie was a surprise hit that didn’t just kickstart a franchise of sequels, but also changed teen movies altogether. The film proved that even an R-rated teen film could find not just find an audience, but thrive. That can be attributed not just to a smart script, but a stable of then-unknown teen actors […] More

  • People Keep Spotting The Mysterious Mothman In Chicago


    An entity known as ‘the Mothman’ has been reported numerous times in Chicago. It comes just weeks after the nighttime critters received far and wide meme treatment thanks to their predilection for being super into light of all forms. But now, long after the memes’ demise, a darker moth has grabbed the attention of social […] More

  • Marijuana Tampons Are Here To Save You From Period Cramps.


    Good news, ladies: weed tampons are here at last! A company called Fiora recently created “cannabis vaginal suppositories” as a way to help women deal with the sometimes unbearable pain of period cramps, and now finally available to the public. These cannabis-laced tampons contain THC and CBD (two main active cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana), […] More

  • Sinead O’Connor Converts To Islam And Changes Her Name


    Sinead O’Connor has converted to Islam and changed her name. Her name, which translates to ‘martyrs’ or ‘witnesses’ in Arabic, comes after she previously changed her name to Magda Davitt last year. ‘This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim,’ she wrote. ‘This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent […] More

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