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  • Little Details In Everyday Things That We All Missed To Notice Before

    23 Little Details In Everyday Things That Youve Never Noticed Before 21

    Often in our busy lives, we end up underappreciating the beautiful details of everyday things simply because of how often we see them. For instance, did you know there’s a tiny hole near the iPhone camera? No? Well, fret not, because we’ve got you.   Here are the minute yet astonishing details in everyday things […] More

  • 22 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs

    These 30 Celebrities Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs 39

    We often come across famous stars who chose to run away from the spotlight to live a normal life and earn their daily bread and butter out of ordinary jobs. However, it is rare that we try and understand what forced them to take this decision. A lot of times, the decision comes out of […] More

  • 18 Celebrities We Had No Clue Went To School Together

    Tupac Shakur 2

    For someone like me who dreads the thought of ever coming eye to eye with people I went to high school with, these celebs sure have it hard. For their high school counterparts exist in the brightest limelight, with them!. From Prince William to Jay-Z, there are so many celebrities we had no clue who […] More

  • The Cast of American Pie, Then and Now


    In 1997, American Pie was a surprise hit that didn’t just kickstart a franchise of sequels, but also changed teen movies altogether. The film proved that even an R-rated teen film could find not just find an audience, but thrive. That can be attributed not just to a smart script, but a stable of then-unknown teen actors […] More

  • People Keep Spotting The Mysterious Mothman In Chicago


    An entity known as ‘the Mothman’ has been reported numerous times in Chicago. It comes just weeks after the nighttime critters received far and wide meme treatment thanks to their predilection for being super into light of all forms. But now, long after the memes’ demise, a darker moth has grabbed the attention of social […] More

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